Why Use Rivets?
RivetKing® Rivet

A rivet is a tubular body fastener that is installed in seconds from just one side of your application and permanently adjoins two material together. No finishing work is required on the rivet and after a successful installation, the rivet provides mechanically engineered performance advantages to your application.






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heavy machinery


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Military / Marine

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Washers / Dryers

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semi, semi tractor trailer driving on the highway in the evening

18 Wheel Trailers



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Total Quality Solutions

Since 1983, Rivet USA (a division of Cardinal Components) has been a certified stocking supplier of rivet fasteners and related installation tooling. Cardinal Components is a Preferred Authorized Industrial Rivet (RivetKing®) Distributor (standard blind, structural, multi-grip, lock bolts, etc.). To provide our customers the best availability and variety, we also offer non-Industrial Rivet rivets & fasteners.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our standard is offer short lead-times at competitive pricing, revert quotes the same day and answer the phone by the third ring. Give us a shot! Read more about us below, and please review our customer testimonial page.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Select us as your trusted rivet distributor and gain a partner that is eager to provide you 360 degree support! We can help along each step: design, prototype, PPAP, assembly, installation and issue resolution. Our deep technical expertise is communicated in a way that you can understand it specific to your application.

INSTALLATION TOOLING: If you are looking for rivet installation tools, we offer industry-leading Industrial Rivet rivet installation tools, such as the Industrial Rivet pneumatic RK9000 series (9000S, 9000M & 9000LS) and Industrial Rivet battery tool (RK-401CR). These pneumatic tools are for medium-to-high volume production requirements and install fasteners in about three seconds while being built of the highest quality and reliability. We stock repair parts for same day shipment and have a tool repair lab with quick turnaround. For low-volume installation tooling, give us a call to learn about the variety of manual tools we offer to facilitate your perfect installation. Visit our tooling page for more information!

ONE-STOP-SHOP: By sticking with Rivet USA for all your needs, you’ll gain the quickest issue resolution in the industry. We resolve most issues same day, and we do EVERYTHING possible to avoid shutting down a production line. (Buying rivets from one distributor and install rivet tooling from a different distributor is a recipe for disaster, trust us, we’ve seen it too many times!)

ISO 9001 QUALITY: We provide ISO 9001 certified quality, to assure consistent and high-quality production standards with appropriate documentation (sales order confirmation, packing slip, material certification, plating certification, etc.).

If you are looking for high-quality rivet fasteners and more (collar bolts, rivet nuts, etc.), please trust your experts at Rivet USA (a division of Cardinal Components, Inc) and contact us today for a quote!